A Parent’s Prayer for the First Day of School

tess maeve walking

A parent’s prayer for their child’s first day at school

Lord, you gifted me this little child in love,

And daily since I have thanked you.

Now, Lord, the next part of my child’s journey begins.

And I pray for him/her with confidence in you, O God of love!

May he/she find in others they meet here the love they find in you and in me.

May they find in this school a warm place of welcome and of tender care.

May they continue to learn and to grow and to enjoy all the graces given to them.

Give them the courage to tackle new activities and to reach out in friendship to others.

May this time be a time of adventure, of fun and of great learning in their lives.

Teach them your ways, hold them always in your tender embrace.

And Lord, give me peace and courage too, as I let go a little bit more to make more room for them, for others and for you.


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